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5 Tips for Parents to get their tweens or teens past a karate drought

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

We are so fortunate to have a committed group of middle school-aged children in our evening classes at our martial arts school. Their enthusiasm and competitiveness know no bounds!

Inevitably your child's enthusiasm will wane as they get older especially when they feel the pull of friend time, video games and social events.

Parents have to fully grasp and believe in the value of martial arts and convey that to their children. Martial arts provide so many transcendent skills that reach out to all aspects of life. Just the act of going to class every week instills the discipline to achieve a goal. The physical workouts allow students to come face to face with their own weakness and gives them the opportunity to surpass their self imposed shortcomings.

Here are some ideas to get your child through those dry spells when they just don’t want to go to class.

1. After class when they are smiling and sweaty, ask them how they feel- they should feel great and you want to connect that feeling with their class.

2. Say these words and no more, “You are great at karate.” Praise and encourage. Repeat.

3. Limit screen time. Enough said.

4. Mentally prepare them and remind them of their lesson that evening.

5. Encourage them to invite their friends to class, tournament, and special events at the dojo.

We all have dry periods and droughts with our interests, passions, and goals. The bottom line is as adults, if we truly believe something, we will make it a priority. Children however aren’t mature enough to see the logic behind taking steps today to lay a foundation for the future. It is our job as parents to encourage them as best we can. John Maxwell, author of Running with Giants, said "encouragement is the oxygen of the soul." Remember to praise-encourage-praise-encourage your children through their Karate journey and inevitable droughts!

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